Personal growth is easy with packs of preloaded primes for the popular and trending goals.   


Embrace Diversity

Social priming has been shown to significantly & reliably reduce unconscious prejudices & biases.

This pack of pre-loaded primes will aid human connectivity & ease unconscious biases with constant and regular primes of people from all walks of life. (1) 

  • Love others & yourself well

  • Increase kindness

  • Ease unconscious prejudices, biases & attitudes


Mindful Living

Psychological priming conditions the mind, setting the stage for lasting change.

Happego influences change with pre-loaded primes working to shift your habits.  Balanced living makes compassion easy.

Improve money habits

Priming visual reminders helps people spend less & save more.

Self control is a cinch with pre-loaded packs of primes.  Removing internal stress = more room for empathy.

  • Cut spending

  • Start saving

  • Stick to a budget

Enhance relationships

A recent study shows that regular positive priming of a loved one strengthens the bond.


Motivation is easy & continuous with psychological priming.

Inner peace

Serene images of nature have been linked to personal well being.

Strengthen faith

Consistent priming of spiritually related art encourages a deeper faith.

Character development - Ethics

Create new behaviors by subtly reminding yourself throughout the day.

Emotional intelligence

Learn more about your internal world to increase intimacy with others with subtle cue's created for self reflection.

Change unconscious habits

Psychological priming is an established scientific method that has significant & reliable effects on behaviors.