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@ happego,  we 💗 empathy, connection & compassion!  This free app gives you all you'll need to infuse kindness into your life & the world. 


Prime priming


Subscribe to open the gate to prime priming. 

  • Full access to preloaded packs of primes to make change easy. 
  • Upload your own inspirational media.
  • Customize how often and for how long you see your primes.  
  • Share your favorite primes on the social feed.

Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime. 


Group priming


Get your family, partner, therapist, teacher, or spiritual counselor involved.  Keep each other on track & help cinch success!  

  • Private group capablities
  • Admin panel
  • Accountability
  • Professional help
  • Teamwork
  • Up to 10 devices  (contact us for larger organizations)

Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime. 


Keep an eye on our feed to contribute to the cause. In early 2019, you'll be able to participate in worldwide social research.


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