Lindsey Lieb is many things, but most of all - she's curious. 

After a therapist labeled her an empath, struggles with her marriage, near constant worry about what her kids were being exposed to & the growing hate & divide that was constantly being streamed into her life via social media & the news- she delved into the huge undertaking of understanding human motivation. 

With the help of implicit attitudes expert, Michael A. Olson &  the eminent empathy & altruism researcher C. Daniel Batson she started to understand the enormous role that empathy plays in her life, her relationships, and the world.   

Now she'd like to make life easier for everyone with  Happego.   

Lindsey is dedicated to a greater understanding of what motivates prosocial behaviors.  So much so, that she'll be investing 50% of all proceeds earned from the app back into compassion science research.